In my line of work, digital media is huge. I work with businesses of all sizes to refine their e-commerce strategy and maximize their brand’s reach and impact, so I know a little bit about the importance of online content. And while I am passionate about what I do—I love sharing content on commerce trends and exciting new technologies—this blog also has a deeper purpose.

I don’t know much about my family history beyond my parents’ generation. My wife, whose family is Polish, came to Canada by way of Austria in the 1980s. Outside of what she was told by her mother, her family tree is difficult to trace or verify in any meaningful way. Ultimately, this blog is a way for me to create a legacy for my family—a way to document my life so that someday my children and my children’s children will know where they came from.

I was born and raised in a small town called Kamloops in the Canadian province of British Columbia. I grew up with a huge extended family, so every gathering included a half dozen aunts and uncles with kids—ranging in age from one to 18—running around everywhere; it was beautiful chaos. I enjoyed a classic Canadian childhood, complete with snowball fights in Gran and Papa’s backyard.

I grew up spending a ton of time in nature. I was a Boy Scout, and I clocked hours upon hours out on the lake tubing, or in the mountains hiking and biking. I played baseball at the all-star level until the age of 15, and I still derive a ton of pleasure from being physically active. I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself.

After university, I left Kamloops for Vancouver, where a coworker introduced me to Aleksandra the beautiful woman who would become my wife. We have three amazing children—our oldest son Avery, our daughter Dominika, and the newest addition, little Liam. We love getting outside as a family to do things together, and my wife and I bond over our love for travel and dining.

As it grows, I hope this blog will serve as an accurate snapshot of my life, whether through written content, podcasts, or videos. From e-commerce and entrepreneurship to family adventures and my terrible golf swing, I hope to capture the varied experiences that make up my world. Thanks for being a part of it!


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